look at these boring portraits i drew —-

tags: naruto + kakashi hatake + maito gai + gai's face is so fun to draw :') + myart + if you r wndering why they look so pissed + it's bc i am pissed + at myself + that i dont draw more + ;;; +

stress relieve doodles—

there was free! on my dash ok don’t look at me

tags: rin matsuoka + sousuke yamazaki + free! eternal summer + free! iwatobi swim club + sourin + also i didn't want them to look so sad... ehh + so it looks like i completely forgot how did i work w/ colours before that palette challenge + well + myart +

what a cutie

tags: bleach + giselle gewelle + myart + i was doodling random stuff getting upset about my inability to find a consistent style + idk where did gigi come from + but i never drew her before so + there +

Jin (#6), requested by my sister

tags: samurai champloo + jin + myart + color pallet meme + can you maybe ignore the fact that his swords are floating in mid-air + i was too tired to mess w/ it any longer + thx for choosing my fav character sis ....... + this was fun + ...... + maan i actually have more than 1000 followers already ???? thank you people +

Hey guys—

I have only one colour palette request left (it’s for my sis, and I’m probably gonna do that in like two weeks b/c I’m abroad now), so I just wanted to let you know it will be the last one. 

Please don’t take it personally— I won’t be doing any more b/c I would have spent the rest of my holiday w/ them; and there are so many other things I need to be doing, and so many other things I want to be drawing too—

tags: i doubt there was anyone waiting even after those almost two months but-- +

Byakuya and Rukia (#7) for starrkdani

tags: bleach + kuchiki rukia + kuchiki byakuya + color pallet meme + the kuchiki siblings r being generally adorable lately ;;; + myart + uhh im tired now +

Ukitake (#5) for ravensrising and blamesynapse

tags: bleach + ukitake + ukitake jushiro + jushiro ukitake + myart + color pallet meme + ....yes the hat was necessary + he kinda looks like gandalf w/ the combination of it and the green tones oh my-- + okay im exhausted now i will reply to messages tomorrow im sorry + spent more time on it then necessary again //sighs +

Your art style is so unique and so pretty oh gosh slkdjlskdjf *rolls around in bliss* Wowowow Thank you so much!

My pleasure hhhh, and thank you too!! *.*

tags: shadowthorne + im so happy when ppl compliment my art style b/c im so unsure about whether i like it all the time-- +

Zangetsu in #13, for Shadow

tags: bleach + zangetsu + hollow ichigo + hichigo + shirosaki + ..... + color pallet meme + myart + i kinda gave up on his face im sorry ;;; +

let me bother you w/ this sketch; im trying to figure out how to draw Ukitake once again, i can never get his features just right ;;;;

tags: bleach + ukitake + ukitake jushiro + he's so sweet i need him back in the manga ...... + i've got ukitake requested for one of those pallete drawings im-- working on 'em + myart +